Alumak is a specialized service provider for digital financial innovation tailored to your business needs. With the ability to speed up your financial business services, Alumak offers a simple and reliable banking solution with a transparent scheme. 

As Alumak handles your business financial management, you can focus on what’s most important: Developing your business. 

Alumak understands that you demand simple administration for your business financial needs. 

Going back and forth to the bank? In 2020? Only to check your finance recent updates? Alumak makes sure you only need a tap on the phone to open an account and regularly check your updates.

Other than opening and reviewing your accounts, Alumak also offers in-depth analysis on your income and expenses, as well as your balance. On top of that, you can share access to your account with your colleagues or accountants with maximum security.

“Are there any monthly administrative fees?”

Fortunately, there are no such fees! In Alumak, we do not charge you with monthly administrative fees. This applies when you first open your account in Alumak. Simple, free, and transparent. It has never been easier with Alumak.

With technology, you can do anything faster. With Alumak, you can do anything faster, without even doing it. Alumak will do it for you.

One tap at a time on your phone, and every financial information you need is there in Alumak.

Simple, free, and transparent: Alumak is all about getting things done with zero worries.