Technology is a blessed; It eases your daily tasks, we even feel lost when we get away from the technology. More than that, we also seek our quality time through technology, for example: games. We do love games.

Game is not only for children (we actually forbid them to play, right?) but also for the adults. There is a lot type of games, from activities game and now the popular one; game application. The availability makes users vast swiftly. Who we need to say thanks to? Game developer, and don’t forget the game company as a shield of the developer!

We got a lot of tech companies who have a special division for game development. Moreover, the company that specializes itself to game tech. But how does it works? How to establish a company only for game app? Let’s find out here, game-enthusiast!

Game company

Let’s look inside the game company. Game developer usually needs help from a big game company to pour their ideas and promote their app. Some of them have their own studio, too. We recommend you to register your studio as a company, so you get protected by law. It must be fun, trust me, to build your ideas into reality and it gets protected by the law.

Statistically speaking, only 0.40% game developer from Indonesia. Where’s the rest? All over the world. Conversely, the Indonesia game market is promising. Newzoo, game organization from Netherland, reported game market growth in Indonesia up to US$1.08 billion on January 2019. Indonesia Game Association (AGI) estimated the gross domestic products (GDP) will reach US$4.3 billion in 2030. It means we will on the top five countries for the game market worldwide.

Now you know what we are talking about, right? Yup, the opportunity. This is your time to build your game studio and company. You have only a few competitors, ideas, sources… And Lexar as your legal service.

You read it right. You need to take some legal action. And no, no worry about your step ahead.

Game company need to get in touch with legal, too

Build the game company, simply, like the general company. Don’t forget the essence of the company establishment. The hard thing is, we still get blurred when it comes to combined-sector. It wouldn’t take a long time; if you choose and do it right.

You may don’t know how to establish a company, especially a game company, in Indonesia, you can check the list below here. You should know what you need to prepare if you interested to build a game company.

Things you need to prepare are:

  • How to take a step to establish a company
  • Trademark protection and Intellectual property
  • Terms and Condition
  • Contracts

It’s easy to fill the registration form for your soon-to-be company. You need your Tax ID Number (NPWP), Location Permit, and you (and your friends as a founder) identity card. For more, kindly check our article here.

For the classification of your business, it seems tricky here. There is a lot of number of classification and you should choose it wisely. We will give you more tips about Sistem Klasifikasi Merek in our next article.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check our guidebooks on how to start your business legally here!