Legal and lawyer are common things in our environment. You may familiar with those words, but, have you heard about legaltech? Here, we will introduce to you legaltech. Moreover, there will be reasons why this is going to get its peak years later from now.

Legal, as we know, provides us with our regulation needs; from your personal to your business. Unfortunately, it takes time to handle regulation and the legal process. So, that’s why the legal merge with technology. This merger has advantages to both sides. there’s an adjustment on how to approach the client based on their behavior. In a more efficient way, cut the time and space, just like what Artificial Intelligence does for us.

What is Legaltech?

Legaltech is a combination of legal and technology. It can enhance legal service, supplement, even replace the traditional method of law procedure. Hand in hand with technology, they can support the automation of legal service. They also provide an efficient way for clients to approach them.

What’s good about this innovation? With the help of technologist and their AI, you can finish your needs in the most efficient way, reduce costs, and of course, mostly from your screen. Wherever and whenever you are, you’re connected with your lawyer. It suits your mobile lifestyle. More than that, it suits our lifestyle.

That’s what we need to know about the clients’ side. How about lawyer and firm’s side?

The only answer is it helps a lot. The transformation changes the firm and lawyer ecosystem. The automation, what kind of service the firm’s afford, the database of your needs until the certainty of time and procedure provided by the firm.

Legaltech has been well known out there. In the UK, many Law Firms invest 4%+ of their income on IT. Moreover, 65 percent of the total amount of IT’s invest is for Artificial Intelligence. As a result, up to half of the basic legal tasks automated by Legaltech.

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More efficient, more satisfaction. That’s why Lexar is here to help you with one click away. Why is that?

Lexar as a Legaltech will provide your legal needs, especially for your running business. Our service is for everyone who needs help in their business life, from the establishment, assistance for expatriate, legal support, until specific things your business needed.

We, as a pioneer of Legaltech in Indonesia, understand how complex the regulation when it proceeds in a conventional way. We put a certain time of every kind of procedure on our website and files you need to process your corporate needs.

Other than that, a lack of knowledge in the law field and slow administration procedure may hesitate you. We feel obliged to educate our clients and viewers from every platform; from social media, articles, and a guidebook. Lexar will guide you to know your business legal needs, how is the procedure, and how long it takes to acquire what you’ve applied.

And there is good news for you who want to take a step further in your business. Looking at Indonesia Government, we know our government on its transition from the structure to the regulations. We can see from their decision with omnibus law. One of their strategies is to create more jobs. To achieve that, they ease the regulation for you who want to build a company. 

This opportunity from the government must be supported by the legal firm. Indonesia Government will fasten the establishment company’s time. One more thing, they need you, a businessman and creativepreneur. They will ease your way, no more hesitation.

That’s why Lexar’s here. We provide your corporate legal needs. Don’t worry, it won’t take your time. As what we mentioned before, a legal tech system would decrease your time-consumption. You can manage everything from your screen. One-click and Lexar is ready to provide your needs.